Alex Kim

Starting from a young age, Alex was fascinated by film, moreover that he believed what was viewed on screen existed in the real world. Jurassic Park got the best of him then in ‘96, until his father had to break it to him that aliens never invaded earth on Independence day either... 

Now, what he views on screen and believe is quite the contrary.  With a background in live action producing, he wanted to expand his knowledge and continue to learn.  The answer, post production.  He has combined a lifelong enthusiasm for film with a passion for the demanding tempo of VFX, experiential, & immersive creative production. This all led to his first Emmy nomination.

Enough talking in third person…
Currently, I’m a staff Producer at Be Grizzlee.

The Mill - NY
Logan & Son's - LA
Fuse FX - NY
Mirada Studios - LA
Media Arts Lab
Be Grizzlee

And many other talented shops and artists.

Feel free to reach out and check my availability.
I look forward to working with you!